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Almond Buttercrunch Toffee

ARAccording to the National Day Calendar, today is Almond Buttercrunch Day. Almond Roca® was shipped to U.S. troops overseas during World War II. It’s probably why we won the war…*

How does this tie into the California Dreamin’ conference? Simple. Eating almond buttercrunch candy brings a sense of euphoria, right? Well, you can get that same feeling by volunteering at the conference, and without the calories!*

You might think this is a bunch of hogwash, but hear me out. There are two ways to experience a conference: as an observer, and as a participant. Observing is great, but it’s all external. To really get the full conference experience, you need to get in there and be an active participant.

volunteersMost writers tend to be a little introverted. Volunteering can help. Shifting your focus to helping others can ease your jitters, because it gets you out of your own head. I once attended a conference where I knew exactly nobody. Volunteering helped me diminish my inner wallflower and provided an avenue to meet people. And bonus, I made a wonderful new friend. Who knows? You might just make a new friend, too. And it will taste as good as almond buttercrunch candy.*

If you’re still on the fence, consider this: one of our 2017 attendees volunteered at the 2015 conference and was entered into the volunteer-only raffle. First prize was free attendance at this conference. She’s here for free! That could be you! ::drops microphone::

Today is also National Waffle Iron Day and it’s National Adopt-a-Cat Month, so after you make sure you’re signed up to volunteer at the conference**, please feel free to have a waffle and visit your local shelter to adopt a cat.

*This statement has no basis in actual fact, but it feels true, right?
**To sign up, please indicate your willingness when you register and you will be contacted in August. If you originally said no and this post has persuaded you otherwise, please either fill out a change of registration or contact me via the Contact Us form.

CamiBriteCami Brite belongs to Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) and East Valley Authors because belonging to just one RWA chapter is so last year! When not working at her day job or creating awesome book covers, graphics and websites for successful authors as Brite Designs, she is on the California Dreamin’ Writers Conference committee, handling website & volunteers and sharing responsibility for the California Readin’ event and public relations. She is working on a contemporary book and co-authoring a YA series in her spare time. She also lacks sleep. Since she doesn’t drink coffee, feel free to pity her.

Cami would like to thank the awesome and organized Merien Grey for the tips and tricks to improve our conference’s volunteer registration system. You can find Cami at her website and on twitter, but really, she’s more likely to be on Instagram. And sometimes she shuns social media completely in favor of Adobe Creative Cloud.


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