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CDWC Book Signing

Yes, Virginia, we are having a book signing at the conference.


What’s a writers’ conference without a book signing? There will be around one hundred authors signing books in every genre of romance from historical to contemporary, from paranormal to suspense, from inspirational to young adult, and in every heat level there is from sweet to hot and steamy.

Our authors are published by large publishing houses, small publishing houses, e-publishers, and themselves. The California Dreamin’ Writers Conference does not discriminate based on paths to publication.

There are some caveats for those wishing to sign their books.

(ca•ve•at nounˈka-vē-ˌät, -ˌat; ˈkä-vē-ˌät; ˈkā-vē-ˌat: an explanation or warning that should be remembered when you are doing or thinking about something)

The first caveat is the space for the book signing. The space is limited and only accommodates so many authors. We cannot change the physical size of the signing space.

The second caveat is that the signing is open to the conference speakers and presenters first. These are authors who are not only attending the conference but also taking their time to prepare workshops that enlighten, educate and entertain our attendees. We cannot have a conference without their hard work and dedication.

The final caveat is that the book signing will be open to attendees based on their registration date. The earlier you registered, the better your chance is that you will get an email to register for the book signing.

An email was sent out about a month ago to the presenters. It will be sent out to attendees based on their registration date beginning in January. If you don’t hear from me, please send me an email via the contact page.


Our book seller for the traditionally published is Barnes & Noble of Fullerton, CA.

This is our second conference working with them and it has been a highly successful and professional collaboration.

They work with us to facilitate authors who bring in their own books not available through the order system of Barnes & Noble. They make this signing possible and are an incredible group with which to work.

There’s so much work that goes on behind the scenes for a book signing. Ordering books, creating table tents and space maps for readers to find their favorite authors, and it all begins with getting authors registered for the event.

Even if you aren’t signing, remember to invite your family and friends. If you are signing, make sure that your readers know where and when they can come out and meet you. The signing is open to the public and there’s no charge for attending. It’s a chance for people to meet their favorite author and find a new favorite.

Some of our signing authors, in no particular order, will be Elizabeth Boyle, Vicky Dreiling, April Kihlstrom, Maggie Marr, Tessa Dare, Laura Drake, Patricia Rice, C. C. Hunter and Kitty Bucholtz. There are simply too many authors to name in a blog post, but keep coming back to the web site and look for the book signing page which will list them all. It will be up around February 1, 2015.

maria_seagerMaria Powers was raised in Southern California and loves to travel, but cannot imagine living anywhere else. In the vast number of years she has lived on this planet, there have only been two consistencies in her life: reading and telling stories. Sure, some people say lies rather than stories. You say tomato, Maria says don’t bother her with semantics.

A pediatrician once told her mother that she was dramatic enough to be an actress, but melodramas ended long before she could get up enough nerve to perform in front of thousands. Yes, she does believe that had she ever performed, thousands would have wanted to watch her. Doesn’t everyone believe that when singing into a hairbrush?

Having given up on her dream of being rich and famous, Maria went back to writing.  A job that allows her to create kickass and beautiful heroines, or not, and tough heroes with sensitive hearts ready to be tamed by the girl next door or beaten into submission by the witch on the corner, whatever works. When she’s not making up worlds and controlling everything in them, she works for a small entrepreneurial firm.

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