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Conference Planning

CDWCcommittee2There were so many great ideas flying around the room yesterday as we continued to plan the conference. We can’t say much…but…

Yesterday we spent some time on the reader event. In years past, we have offered an author signing where readers could come to the hotel on the Sunday afternoon of the conference, buy books, and mingle with authors.

This time around, we’ll be stepping things up. The goal is to help our authors connect with their readers and find new readers, too. We’re talking about having the event on Saturday instead of Sunday. We’ll be inviting our LA Festival of Books readers (aka the Romance Insider), and we’ll call on conference attendee authors with newsletters to help us spread the word to their readers.

CDWC-CRThat’s just the beginning. We are very serious about making this event the best of its kind in Southern California. So serious that–well, stay tuned because right now our lips must remain sealed. But it’s exciting!!

Another exciting development for this conference is more sponsorship opportunities. We continue to be a non-profit conference, so funds will go toward making the conference even better! If you’re interested in sponsorship, contact us and choose Sponsorship as the subject.

Registration opens on May 1st, one week from today! Are you ready??


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