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Choosing a Genre

Do Vampires Give Christmas Gifts?

Hello California Dreamers…. I hope, like me, you can’t wait for the conference next year. Yeah. By then, I’ll be even more of a genre chameleon than I am now, and you can ask me which side I’m on, because those sides just got more complex. *insert happy face*

Here’s the thing about this career of mine: I started out writing young adult fantasy. Then, on a dare from a friend, I moved to historicals with a slight paranormal leaning – no Weres or Vamps, just pure spirit traveling through Cornwall. And guess what? My love of the paranormal tripled with just that taste, and I wrote a dark vamp historical for Kensington’s Brava imprint (“Midnight Court” in the Immortal Bad Boys anthology).

ThumbnailOh yes, I loved it. A lot. But then I started to think Others kind of funny, so I penned a lighthearted contemporary paranormal romance titled Barbie and the Beast for Dorchester that finaled in the American Title 3 contest from the Romantic Times Booklover’s Magazine. Yay. And after that, another fluffy, girly one – Veronica and the Vampire.”

Okay. Fantasy. Dark historical, and light, fluffy paranormal romance, so far.

Did that, or warnings about “author branding” stop me?

I’ve now gone on to complete eighteen projects for Harlequin’s Nocturne paranormal romance imprint. The newest release I’m really excited about it out this month. Immortal Obsession is about gorgeous, hunky Immortals in London. What’s not to love?

TrappedInStone_400x600And in the meantime, while awaiting release dates, I wanted to tell some fresh urban fantasy tales… so I wrote two more novellas, published them last year. Trapped in Stone and “Hot Holiday were born.

Did I stop there?

No way.

Thumbnail.Boss's Mistletoe ManeuversI was asked if I wanted to write a couple of straight contemporary projects, and though “paranormal” is embedded in my genes, I took this as a new challenge and wrote a new kind of book. Et voila, my first Harlequin Desire book The Boss’s Mistletoe Maneuvers,” comes out this November. Thrilling! Can’t wait!

Fantasy. Historical. Paranormal romance, both dark and light. Urban fantasy. Contemporary.

I’m not sure I’ve left out any genre that inspires me to write, and the moral of this personal tale is that I don’t chase trends. I write whatever truly does inspire me, and the words flow. My immortals originate from the time of the Round Table, because I love the Arthurian tales. My upcoming contemporary book was set at Christmas because that season is very magical to me. And magical is what this writing gig, for me, is all about. I just go to wherever the magic is.

So, do vampires give Christmas gifts?

The answer is YES.

Because delving into the paranormal, and the magical, and the concepts of love, has given me a dream career that I hope continues for a very long time. An immortal career? Ha. I am very lucky, I know, that Muses often wear stilettos, sprout wings, and sometimes don fangs, and I will always thank my lucky stars for the gift of being able to write books books books.

LindaWant to see all these crazy things I do? Take a look at my website.

Want to interact? Find me on Facebook. Let me know if you have questions, or just feel in need of some authorly support. Writers are a great community… and here for each other. True.

Cheers for now- See you soon.  – Linda Thomas-Sundstrom