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Editor Q&A: Liz Pelletier, Entangled Publishing

XAIWrq3YLiz Pelletier is first and foremost an entrepreneur. Beginning with the belief that authors who write great books should receive a majority of the profits, she created a new business model that bridged the gap between self and traditional publishing and co-founded Entangled, taking it from start-up to a formidable presence in the industry in just three years.

Her out-of-the-box approach garnered a groundbreaking distribution deal with Macmillan, as well as a joint venture with St. Martin’s Press.

Since its inception, Entangled has had 27 USA Today bestsellers, 11 New York Times bestsellers, and has earned myriad awards within the industry. Ms. Pelletier, who was also recently named by Bibliodaze as one of 2014’s Most Influential People in Publishing, alongside John Green, Veronica Roth, Sherman Alexie, and HM Ward, to name a few, also acquired the sixth bestselling book of 2012, The Marriage Bargain.

Under her direction, Entangled has become an industry leader, forging a new path as the next generation of publishing.

 We asked Liz some questions about herself and her job. Here are her answers.


1. What would most people be surprised to know about you?

I play a variety of instruments, from guitar to saxophone to piano. None well enough to hit the road but music is second only to reading in my soul.

2. If you could go anywhere on vacation and money was not object, where would you go and why?

Ireland. I know my next husband, a hunkie Irish rocker, is there in one of the dive bars. Half-joking on that. I’ve always wanted to go there. The culture and history and love of music are a few of the things that draw me to this country. Just remember if you see an Irish rocker in one of the bars in Galway, back off ladies…he’s mine. 😉

3. What excites you about your job?

Finding new and exciting voices. I built this company on a vision that you didn’t need an agent to submit to us. All of our bestselling authors were unagented when they first submitted to us and now some of them publish for other companies like Grand Central, Harlequin and Simon & Schuster. I always wonder what if I didn’t take a chance, would things turn out differently for them, for us?

4. What would you like authors to know about working with an editor or agent?

Be patient. Living in a world where you can get an answer instantly through email instead of waiting for snail mail, sometimes authors expect a quick response to their e-mail.

While we try to respond as quickly as we can, sometimes you need to give us a few days. If you haven’t heard from us in a week, then you can give us a nudge. Sometimes the emails just get pushed into the abyss.

5. What would you absolutely love to see come across your desk right now?

A kick-ass sci-fi. I’m convinced sci-fi is coming back, or a YA that is similar to Dead Like Me. That show was amazing, but I think with a face-lift and a bit more romance, it could turn into something amazeballs that teens will devour!


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