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Volunteer at #CDWC15

4 Reasons to Volunteer at #CDWC15

volunteer-diverse-hands1) Make a Difference

California Dreamin’ is a collaborative effort of four RWA Chapters. It’s a fantastic event that allows members and other attendees an opportunity to grow through education, networking and advocacy.

The success of an event this size is only as good as its many volunteers. Make a difference by adding your hands to the work. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience. And it allows for opportunities like California Dreamin’.

2) Push Your Boundaries

Writers tend to be introverts. Heads down, focused on the workshop, the appointment, protecting our space. But when it’s your job to greet others, help them with their registration, or welcome them to a meal it’s easier to talk to strangers. And it’s easier to talk to them when you see them again in a workshop, at an appointment or seated together at a meal.

Volunteer, push your boundaries and broaden your experience.

3) Meet New Friends

Opening up to new people can be tough; however meeting good friends at a conference can be another story.

Volunteering brings all walks of life together and no matter your personality, interests, or background, you’re bound to connect with another writer like yourself. There is no telling who you may meet, or what sort of impact they could have on your life and career. 

4) Expand Your Network

Sometimes the most valuable connections are made out of the workshops. Being in different places at different times opens up opportunities to meet people in all aspects of the writing industry you may not have met otherwise.

A friendly exchange between you and an agent at the registration desk could ease an appointment later that day. It’s important to get involved to optimize these opportunities.

If you’re attending the conference and you haven’t yet signed up to volunteer, there are many opportunities.

For more information, please contact Teresa Carpenter, 2015 Volunteer Chairperson, via email to volunteers (at) caldreaminwritersconf (dot) org.

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