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A Meditation on Gratitude

Gratitude. I stare at the word and try to think of something to say about gratitude. I’m supposed to be grateful at this time of year – and always, but frankly, sometimes I feel like I’m grating on everyone around me and not truly grateful. So often, I have stress in my life, like everyone else around me. Elections. Travel. Elections. Holidays. Elections. Writing deadlines. I get so caught up in the drama of life that I forget how to be grateful, instead of just grating. I want to yell at everyone to just stop with all the negativity, but in even having that thought, I am being negative too.

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Gratitude. The word stems from the mid-15th century and means ‘good will’ or thankfulness. Maybe, instead of focusing on self and the drama that is going on around me, I should consider others and how I can reach out to them in good will. How can I touch someone for the better this holiday season? What can I do that will not be grating, but will be a demonstration of gratefulness? What example can I set for the people my life touches?

Gratitude. This doesn’t have to be something momentous. It can be as simple as helping a child fill their plate at Thanksgiving dinner. Opening a door for someone who has their hands full. Giving a hug to someone who needs one. A smile to a stranger. A kind word to a harried shopper or a cashier—when all you really want to do is tell them to hurry up. Giving someone a book you’ve enjoyed. Thanking someone for being part of your life, even when that person grates on you at times. (I’m hoping my family reads that one. lol)  Perhaps, this could mean not posting something negative on Facebook, even though the thought expresses exactly how you feel or believe. Instead, post something uplifting, or nothing at all.

Gratitude. When I look at this word now, I see Great Attitude. How can I have a great attitude? Maybe by being thankful and extending good will. Perhaps that’s what I need to not be grating, but grateful. So, when I take my eyes off myself and my needs, I can see the want in the lives of those around me. That person I can encourage who is discouraged. Because when I do this, the feeling that washes over me, fills me with gratefulness and gratitude, and that is how I want to live. Be grateful. Be thankful. Be full of gratitude and others will want to do that same.


Nancy J. Farrier is a multi-published, award winning author of historical and contemporary Christian fiction. She writes Southwest fiction with real life issues. She lives in Southern California with her husband and cats. Nancy loves reading, bicycling, needlework, and spending time with her family. You can connect with Nancy on Twitter @nancyjfarrier or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nancyjfarrier.

Her web site is http://nancyjfarrier.com

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