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Meet Meghan Farrell of Tule Publishing

Meghan Farrell
Meghan Farrell

Meghan Farrell is the Managing Editor for Tule Publishing Group, an independent publisher located in Southern California.

She became the Managing Editor in 2014 and oversees and coordinates the development of the company’s imprints, production, subrights, editorial and marketing departments. She has had the pleasure of speaking at national and international romance conferences and looks forward to more in the future.

Meghan graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Psychology. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for travel, a good cup of coffee and, of course, a great book!

Let’s learn more about Meghan. We asked her a few questions and here are her answers.

What are you looking for at this time?

We are always looking for a compelling story with a strong author voice. We are especially looking for books with series potential and a strong savvy heroines. Contemporary romance to fit within our Montana Born or Texas Born lines. We also are looking for paranormal, fantasy and historical romances.

What tips can you give writers for a successful pitch or query?

Be concise and give the juicy parts of the story. A strong beginning will always keep me interested but I want to know the meat of your idea.

What’s your weirdest pitch experience?

Weirdest. Hmm. I once received a pitch for a government conspiracy theory. It didn’t quite fit the romance criteria!

cover_crane_agameofbrides-306x450What are you favorite 3 books?

A Game of Brides by Megan Crane
When the Duke was Wicked by Lorannie Heath
All the Kings Men by Robert Penn Warren

What’s your favorite thing about attending conferences?

My favorite thing is meeting new authors. I love hearing about new stories for books, but I also love learning about authors. Each author has such an interesting and unique story that it’s always one of my favorite things at conferences.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Oh no. I would have to say The Real Housewives TV series. I always get sucked in!

What’s one of your pet peeves?

Being on a cell phone constantly especially during a one-on-one conversation. Grr.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Always try your very best. I love this advice because it can apply to all areas of life. From school and work to relationships and interests. If you always try your best, then you are left with fewer regrets.

What is your favorite romantic movies or favorite movie ever?  And why?

Love Actually – I actually love this movie! There are many unique story lines that all show the different forms of romance and love. And it’s set during the holidays… in England. What could be better?

tule-cdwc17-logoThank you Meghan for answering all of our questions. It is that time of year when I must watch Love Actually, and you’ve now given me three more books for my “to-be-read” pile!

To learn more about Tule Publishing and the books that Ms. Farrell and the house is looking for please visit them at http://tulepublishing.com/

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