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Readers Are Our Rock Stars

Etherton Book SigningReaders rock. They are the reason I show up each morning to put words to paper. Readers give stories a home. They are protectors of the words an author has written. Readers are my rockstars.

In this fast-paced world of online connections and faceless interactions, when an opportunity comes along to meet readers in person, I get a little giddy. Tonight, from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Marriott Marquis Marina in downtown San Diego, I and more than four hundred other authors will have the opportunity to attend RWA’s® Readers for Life Literacy Autographing.

The room will be abuzz with authors and readers alike having mini-fangirl or fanboy moments. Memories will be made, that’s for sure. A lot of prep goes into an event like the Literacy Autographing, with a team on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. For the authors, they just have to show up and make certain each reader has a good time.

It would be gReaders Rock!reat if every book signing were as easy! With a little prep, book signings don’t have to be daunting. From pubs to libraries to huge events like the Literacy Autographing, every event can be a success.

What’s the most important thing to bring? Your books. Seriously, you can’t have a signing without books. If you’re only digital, then bring postcards with a QR code and make sure you have a metallic marker to sign the cards.

Second most important thing to bring? Your sparkliest personality. Readers are there to meet you. They want to get to know you, the author. Sure, having pens or other swag is cool, but what readers really crave is a moment of your time. Since you’re asking them to give you several hours of their busy lives to read your book, it’s the least you can do, right?

Every reader I’ve ever met at an event has rocked my world. Their devotion to our stories, to us, even, is what makes our job fabulous.

The next time you have an opportunity to do a book signing, say yes with great enthusiasm! It’s your time to shine and meet some fans.


Tameri Etherton is the award-winning author of the Song of the Swords fantasy series. As a born storyteller, Tameri grew up inventing fictional worlds where the impossible was possible. It’s been said she leaves a trail of glitter in her wake as she creates new adventures for her kickass heroines, and the rogues who steal their hearts.

She lives an enchanted life in Southern California with two dogs, a finicky cat, and her very own prince charming, and will be teaching a workshop at California Dreamin’ Writers Conference Book Signing 101

You can find out more about Tameri’s books and appearances at her web site here.

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