Michelle Klayman

Michelle Klayman


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to tell stories. She made up story lines even when she couldn’t read, relying on the pictures to guide the plot. Fast forward to her school days when reading was made into a chore, and her attention turned to acting in plays and becoming engrossed in motion pictures. As the years progressed, her love of reading returned and moved outside the classroom. She dove deeply into all genres of fiction with a few biographies folded in along the way.

While in law school, she discovered Romance novels and thought they’d be a good way to free up her brain after she left the library every night at closing: midnight. What she thought would be a good sedative turned into an obsession, and she found on many nights she had to force herself to go to sleep – at 4 a.m. If only questions about Johanna Lindsey’s books had been on the bar exam.

Michelle practiced law for many years before undertaking the business of her passion. Boroughs Publishing Group opened its doors on December 15th 2011.



March 25, 2017
The New Sweet Spot: How to Write the Page Turners We Love to Buy
2:00pm  -  2:50pm